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Please consider seven statements to see if Ikano is the place for you. The quiz usually takes about five minutes. We hope you enjoy it!


Values are something customers want today - they make it possible for us to make bigger profits

Shared values are important and can guide us in our daily work

Getting the work done is more important to me than company values

I think different perspectives create unnecessary arguments when trying to reach solutions

I believe that teamwork and different perspectives create better solutions

I’ll decide, because different perspectives will never get us to a solution

If I have a great idea, I’ll do it myself to get the credit I deserve

If I have a great idea, I’ll work with others to improve it even further

If I have a great idea, I’ll delegate the work and supervise it until completion

When I’m new in a job I try to find new and simplifying ways of working

When I’m in a new job I try to learn and follow the established ways of working

When I’m in a new job I wait for my manager’s instructions on what to do

There is no need to question established ways of doing things

I believe in doing things the way my manager tells me, since my manager is more experienced

I believe in asking the simple question “why” to find new and better ways of doing things

When doing business, I try to make sure it is on fair terms

When doing business, I try to make sure we make a profit no matter what

When doing business, it is important to understand that we can’t please everyone

Meeting customers, I use a language that impresses and makes me seem well-educated

Meeting customers, I explain things as simple as I can to make sure they understand

Meeting customers, I try to convince them that our solutions are the best to close a deal



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